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Amazing Experience!

"My experience with Kimberly and KMS Fashion Consultants was so much more than I expected. Seeing my wardrobe through Kimberly's eyes changed my perspective and approach to fashion. I thought I needed an entirely new wardrobe to upgrade my style, but Kimberly helped me reinvent pieces of my wardrobe to achieve a new look, without spending all of my money on new clothes. Her suggested combinations of my old clothes are now some of my favorite outfits; blending new items into my closet is easier, and I'm more creative without stepping too far out of my comfort zone. I can't recommend Kimberly's services highly enough – borrowing her vision helped me see my fashion potential in a new light, and the experience left me empowered, confident, and extremely well put together!

Christen Bennett

Life Changing Experience

"Kimberly is so much more than a fashion consultant and personal shopper. Shopping with her is a life-changing experience that I will never forget. Stuck in a rut with a new "after baby" body, I had gotten used to dressing, looking, and feeling pretty ordinary. My experience with Kimberly changed all that. Her passion and commitment to transforming my look inspired me to find the sexy diva inside me. Not only that, but she showed me simple ways to look amazing on a budget that works for me and my family. As Kimberly says, you can look great at any price point, and she showed me how! I am so grateful to have met Kimberly and look forward to many more exciting shopping trips in the future. Thanks Kimberly!

Jessica Schilling-Wigley

Shopped Like a Rock Star!

"I hadn't been on stage in a long time and I needed a cool outfit for the premiere concert with my new band. I wasn't sure if I knew what was cool to wear on stage anymore so I thought I would enlist a little help. On good referral I contacted KMS Fashion Consultants and after speaking with Kimberly I believed she was the right person for the job! Kimberly came to my home and was very professional. She asked me many questions about what I was looking for, what I liked and didn't like, what my personal style is now and what I would like my style to be. But the most important thing about our initial visit was that she listened, took notes and genuinely wanted to provide me with the best shopping experience possible. Kimberly contacted me soon after our initial meeting to set up a shopping excursion where she had me come to different stores to try on outfits she had already picked out. This was the coolest shopping trip I've ever been on and the store staff treated me like a Rock Star! Kimberly had enlisted the store employees help to assist me in the fitting rooms, finding different sizes and different colors as needed. She had the whole store working to please me. It was awesome! To put it plainly….. KMS Fashion Consultants ROCKS! My outfit ROCKED! My band's first concert ROCKED! All the compliments I got on my outfit TOTALLY ROCKED! Thanks for everything Kimberly!

David Wigley
Drummer for "The Damones"

Accomplished so much in so little time!

"Thanks for a great day of shopping. I can't believe how much we were able to accomplish in just a few hours. I love that you had a bunch of great outfits ready for me when we arrived. The fact that you already had a great idea of what I would be comfortable in but also pulled a few outfits to encourage me to step outside the box a little. I really appreciated your honesty in helping me to find outfits that flattered my shape but also didn't push me into any outfit that I didn't feel comfortable in. I really appreciate your help and look forward to working with you again soon.

Melanie Trattner

I would recommend her services to other moms.

"Kimberly's sense of attire and glamour is what prompted me to utilize her consultation services. I was afraid about having to dispose off my clothing that I use in a limited way, maybe because some of my dresses were uninteresting. However, Kimberly was able to transform my wardrobe in to a fully functioning clothing line. She combined a basic simple dress with a few accessories like a belt, or a necklace, even scarves, and purses; eventually, turning my boring unused clothes into an eye catching outfit. My favorite part of the service was her suggestions of which outfit could make me stand out more. For instance, she suggested that I get rid of a blouse because it did nothing to enhance a woman's curves or I dispose off a pair of shoes because the shoes drew down a look. I was pleased to know what makes me look and feel elegant and attractive. I would recommend her service to other moms because as moms we have no time to add zing to our wardrobe. We moms are constantly racing around the clock and we look so dreary doing everyday chores. When you look lifeless or unexciting, you feel miserable. Misery brings down confidence levels. However, Kimberly has altered my being. She has helped make me understand that it is imperative that I am a respectable role model to my daughters. So, I took the initiative and continue to use her advice and hence, I am happier and confident on a daily basis. Thank you Kimberly for giving me wings.